Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Freedom Film Fest 2014: Zunar makes a movie!

Who knows Zulkiflee Anwar Haque? Family and friends most probably. But everyone worth his or her political salt or who is remotely political, apolitical or rabidly partisan and everyone in between must know Zunar, the irrepressible political cartoonist. The thorn in the side of Barisan leaders.

He has teamed up with business graduate turned social activist Michelle Hoo to do a film on his determination to be heard through his cartoons.

Mic is a business graduate of St Andrews University and was on her way to a doctorate when fate made a turn and she found herself back in Malaysia. But instead of pursuing a career in the corporate world, she dove head on into activism, composing a song for Bersih:

She has also produced voter education and many others. When asked why she wanted to do the video with Zunar she says she admires his determine to reveal the wrongs in the society.

They are one of three recipients of this year’s Freedom Film Fest Malaysia pitch.

Zunar is an Opposition cartoonist who makes a mockery of Barisan policies and their politicians. Firmly on his 'gun' sight are the so-called 'First Couple, Najib and Rosmah.

He is perhaps the only local cartoonist who has been arrested for his cartoons because he says, "Even my pen has a stand ..." and that is his underlying philosophy.


Home ministry officials and police raided his office to confiscate a book that was banned.

They take the book that was banned and arrested him.

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