Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pushing for the cause through Freedom Film Fest

We meet with Mohd Affandi Ramli or better known as Ronasina Fandi. Ronasina is a reversed combination of his children's name; An Nur and Annisa who were both born with Cerebral Palsy. Annisa has sadly passed away

Ronasina once a teacher, his wife Raja Rohaisham and their two daughters were usually present at street protests, such as anti-toll hike demonstrations.

The lack of support mechanism in the country for children with special needs resulted in Ronasina doing additional work to supplement his teacher's salary to care for his girls.

And this is also why he and his wife have thrown their support behind any protests or events that they feel add on to the burden of orginary citizens.

He has since left the teaching profession for a fulltime life as cartoonist, columnist, author and publisher.

Ronasina and Raja Rohaisham are both passionate about pushing the government to provide more support mechanisms for children with special needs. This is evident in his writings and activities.

Recenty he won a grant to produce a short film for this September's Freedom Film Fest about this very same issue.

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